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Branson Area Features

Fun for Couples & Families

  By: Ladona Weathers

Couples enjoying a romantic getaway and families of all ages will have a great time in Branson. But the people you’re with in Branson can affect your choice of activities. Here are some itinerary-building ideas for both couples and families, so you can spend less time planning and more time playing.

It’s a treat to get away with someone special for worry-free days filled with fun, adventure, and relaxation. Consider these suggestions to make the most of your grown-up time in Branson.

Did you know that Missouri is a large wine producer and in Branson you can find several wineries and taste their locally made products? Sip your favorite varietal at Curling Vine Winery, Mount Pleasant Winery or Lindwedel Wine Garden, which are all located in the Branson area. Moonshine is also growing in popularity. In earlier days, the Ozarks were synonymous with moonshine. Now, the opportunity to tour distilleries and taste local distilled products is available to you. Some distilleries like Copper Run, located just north of Branson, host special events and feature live music.

After tasting some of the area’s local wines and moonshine, you might be ready for a special meal. You’ve got some delicious options for one-of-a-kind dining experiences. Dobyns Dining Room at the College of the Ozarks’ Keeter Center features fresh, farm-to-table dishes and most of the food is raised or grown on the campus. Another unique restaurant is Level 2 Steakhouse in downtown Branson, where you’ll enjoy chef-created dishes from steaks to seafood in an elegant atmosphere.

If you’d like a little relaxation time with your special someone, a spa visit is a must during your Branson stay. You’ll find several spas offering services from facials to couple’s massages. Big Cedar Lodge and Chateau on the Lake both have full-service day spas where you can easily spend a half or full day enjoying luxurious surroundings.

Ready for an evening out? Branson’s shows are a great way to spend a few hours. Whether you have a shared love of the ’60s, Broadway or country music, Branson has shows you’ll love. Sing along to your favorite songs, or introduce someone to your preferred music genre. There are also several bars and clubs along the center promenade at Branson Landing that you can visit. The fountain and fire show that goes off several times each evening is a great place take a selfie. Most weekends during the warmer months, you’ll find outdoor performers and large concerts—all free for you to enjoy.

Places where you can do several things under one roof make planning your day easy. The IMAX® Entertainment Complex is one such spot. You can take in the newest Hollywood movies in the newly upgraded IMAX®, which features movies shown in 3D laser on giant screens. The picture and sound are amazing. In addition to Hollywood movies you can enjoy original IMAX® productions, great live shows in the Little Opry Theatre, shopping, and a delicious meal at McFarlain’s restaurant… all under one roof.

For Families
Finding activities the whole family will enjoy can be difficult, but in Branson you have so many options that the hard part will be choosing among them all.

The Butterfly Palace is a fun stop that’s also educational. Inside their tropical rainforest, you can see various types of butterflies up close, with a few even landing on your shoulder or finger. Kids will love wearing an authentic “safari” style hat and using a giant magnifying glass to take a closer look at the hundreds of butterflies they’ll meet. The Butterfly Palace has other fun activities including a Science Center, Banyan Tree Adventure, and Mirror Maze.

The whole family will also love the Hollywood Entertainment Center, which is most widely known for the Hollywood Wax Museum. But that’s just the beginning of the fun you’ll find here. After posing for your close-up with lifelike stars, head over to the Castle of Chaos, a 5-D attraction that’s part ride and part video game. Once you’ve won the battle against evil, try testing your skills in Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. You’ll have fun working together to make your way through the mirrors to rescue Princess Hannah of Savannah. After enjoying all of the indoor attractions, it’s time to go outside and play Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf, where fun for all ages is par for the course!

A favorite destination for families visiting Branson is the Grand Country complex. There is so much to do here you could spend an entire day and still want to come back for more fun. Inside the Grand Country Music Hall are shows that adults and kids will all love. From the performing animals in Amazing Pets to hysterical antics and great music in the Comedy Jamboree, there’s a show (or two) that you’ll want to see. Next, head over to the Fun Spot where you’ll find an arcade with laser tag, bowling, bumper cars and a new indoor go-kart track. And if that’s not enough, in addition to all the activities mentioned above, there are also three different mini-golf courses and several dining options.

The Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery is a free activity that will not only be fun, but the kids might learn a thing or two as well. Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery is the largest trout-rearing facility operated by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Located at the base of Table Rock Dam, the hatchery includes a conservation center, where the public can learn more about trout culture, aquatic life, fishing, and the Missouri Department of Conservation’s role in aquatic resource management.

A list of Branson’s fun family activities wouldn’t be complete without Silver Dollar City. This year, Silver Dollar City announced a new spring festival, the Festival of Wonder, and an expansion of their already jaw-dropping Christmas lights during the annual Old Time Christmas celebration. The rides, craftsmen, shows and food are always fantastic and will have your whole family begging to bring them back for more.

Regardless of who you’re with while visiting Branson—your special someone or the whole family—there’s no shortage of great ways to make new memories. We hope you’ll use this Sunny Day Guide as your resource for planning a perfect vacation in Branson.

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