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Branson Area Features

Golf in Branson

  By: Ladona Weathers

In recent years, Branson has become known as a golf destination. In fact, this April will mark the fourth year for the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf PGA Tournament, which played on multiple Branson courses. This tournament brings big-name golfers to the area and is aired nationally, watched by millions

One of our visitors’ favorite golf courses is Holiday Hills. Located just east of downtown Branson, Holiday Hills is a tried and true course that tens of thousands have played on for years. At Holiday Hills golfers enjoy hybrid Bermuda fairways and tees with Bentgrass greens. You’ll be challenged by water as it comes into play on 6 holes. Plus, each golf cart at Holiday Hills comes equipped with ProLink GPS. The monitors offer real-time graphical views of the course so there’s no more searching for sprinkler heads or stepping off yardages. Just pull your cart up next to your ball and look at the screen to find easy and accurate distances. At Holiday Hills Golf Course every golfer, regardless of skill level, will have an enjoyable game.

Located in the center of Branson are two courses with a variety of challenges to test your golf game. Thousand Hills and Pointe Royale courses offer beautiful scenery and expertly designed holes that allow for an enjoyable time out on the course.

Branson Hills Golf Club (previously named Payne Stewart Golf Course) is one of the area’s most challenging courses. Golfers rave about the beautifully designed holes and natural Ozarks scenery that surround you as you play the course. Though this course may be a bit more difficult than others, it was designed in the memory of local, famed golfer Payne Stewart and holds a special experience for anyone who plays this course.

If you’re looking for a place to take in a quieter round of 18 that gives you the feeling you’re playing at a secluded course, then Ledgestone Golf Course at Stonebridge Village is for you. Ledgestone is located west of Branson near Silver Dollar City. This course is nestled in a valley among the Ozark Mountains. Natural rock formations and waterfalls only add to this course’s stunning surroundings.

Top of The Rock and Buffalo Ridge Springs are both projects from well-known conservationist and founder of Bass Pro Shops, Johnny Morris. Morris has called upon golf experts to design courses that are a pleasure to play, but its Morris’ eye towards nature that truly sets these courses apart. Top of The Rock is a 9-hole, par 27 course with stunning lake views. Buffalo Ridge Springs is an 18-hole, par 71 course where you will get up close to the course’s neighbors…live buffalo.

The newest golf course in the area is also from Johnny Morris, who worked with Gary Player to create a world-class short course. Mountain Top Course at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri, is truly “Nature’s Course.”

Branson has a golf course for every skill level from beginner to expert. We invite you to experience a golf game that only the Ozarks can offer. Expertly designed courses by some of the top pros in the game, paired with the natural beauty of the area makes a game of golf in Branson something special. Plus, golf games are always better on vacation!

18-Hole Courses Phone Par
Branson Hills Golf Club
Buffalo Ridge Springs
417-339-5430 71
Holiday Hills Resort & Golf Club
417-334-4838 68
Ledgestone Country Club @ Stonebridge Village
Branson West
417-335-8187 71
Pointe Royale Resort & Golf Club
Thousand Hills Golf Resort
9-Hole Courses Phone Par
Don Gardner Par 3 Golf Course
417-337-8510 27
Top of the Rock Golf Course
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