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Branson Area Features

Welcome to Branson

  By: Ladona Weathers
Photo Credit: Branson/Lakes Area CVB

Branson, Missouri is experiencing an explosion of vacation fun. What exactly is a vacation fun explosion? Well, it’s the addition of outstanding and unique new attractions that the whole family will love, many of which can only be found in Branson. It’s new adventures to explore with someone special, and it’s even more incredible live entertainment gracing Branson stages. Never before has there been so much fun just waiting for you in Branson.

Many of the new additions in Branson are focused on adventure. From climbing walls and ropes courses to exploring caves and natural Ozarks wonders, get ready to have a vacation filled with new favorite activities.

Every year, there are new additions to the Branson fun line-up, but we don’t want to leave out some of the favorites year after year. Branson’s live shows put this town on the vacation destination map years ago, and it’s the live shows that continue to set Branson apart from other places in the United States. The wide variety of stage performances has paved the way for all of Branson’s expansions. We sincerely hope during your Branson vacation you’ll take in several shows to complete your Branson experience. You name the music genre and there’s a show performing your favorite tunes, from Broadway musicals to classic country. With dozens of live stage performances each day, choosing which show to see is the hard part, but Sunny Day Guide is here to provide you information to make choosing easier.

During your Branson visit you might also notice some construction taking place. This is part of a Highway 76 revitalization project. Once finished, it will be easier to get around Branson’s main “strip” by car or foot. We bet if you visit Branson more than once this year, you’ll find new shows, attractions, stores and restaurants popping up each time. With so many ways to spend your time, you can visit over and over again, never running out of things to do or see.


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