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Branson Hot Spots

Hughes Brothers Theatre

it... little word... Big SHOW! it – where over 50 amazing singers, dancers, and musicians combine their astonishing scope of talents to create one incredible show. From Rock-n-Roll to country, to comedy, to patriotic, to gospel, to Broadway, it is everything you want to see in a Branson show... and more. From the energy and emotion of HUGE production numbers with brilliant lighting and sound to the warmth and charm of the onstage talent, this is the show with it.

The award-winning stars of it, including the Hughes Brothers and their families, create a sensational show for everyone, especially the show connoisseur looking for top-of-the-line entertainment with an emotional connection. From January through October, see it...hear it...feel it! Shows are at 2 and 8pm.

In November and December see the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show (9 times awarded Best Christmas Show). The Brothers (Marty, Jason, Adam, Ryan, and Andy) and their families bring you the season’s best music, festive surprises, treasured family traditions, and even a live nativity. See Santa in a new light when he explains the symbols of Christmas in the most moving Christmas presentation you’ve ever witnessed. It’s a triumph of everything you want to feel at Christmastime.

Also at the Hughes Brothers Theatre see the shows SIX and Oh Happy Day. Plus Celebrate “it” during the holidays and special events with a series of unique shows – find out more at the website. Add a meal with any show! On December 30 enjoy the special From Christmas to New Year’s Show which includes dinner, party hats & favors, games, dancing, and more..

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