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Branson Area Features

Calling All Adventurers

  By: Ladona Weathers
Photo Credit: Branson/Lakes Area CVB

Visitors who like to explore the area around them will find countless opportunities to do so while experiencing all that Branson has to offer. Sometimes a guided tour is optimal in not only seeing new places but also learning abstract facts about them. Journeying out as a family can also give explorers the chance to happen across something great and try new activities together—which adds to the adventure through a sense of accomplishment. There are lots of ways to seek out new thrills in Branson and the Ozarks depending on your style. Here are some exciting ideas for great excursions.

ATV Tours

Take a trip through the hills on all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s). Riders will love the exhilarating drive on trails that wind through the woods, along rivers and over hills. Ozark Off-Road ATV Adventures at Shepherd of the Hills recently opened and offers guided, adrenaline-filled tours over easy and rough terrain. On the journey, you’ll see impressive views of the Missouri wilderness while having an incredible time on your ATV. Be advised: you may get a little dirty on this wild ride!


Adventure seekers will have a blast ziplining and climbing through obstacles high above treetops. At Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain, witness amazing views while touring the canopy on their many lines and suspension bridges. Another great company, Adventure Ziplines of Branson, lets you zip through the hills at speeds of up to 50mph. You’ll also get to test your agility on the three swinging rope bridges throughout the course. This is a beautiful area to explore and what better way is there to see it than by having a bird’s-eye view from a zipline?

Paddle Sports

Water lovers can find adventure while kayaking around the rivers and lakes where they may even have the opportunity to see wildlife up close. Maybe take a fishing pole with you and try to catch trout for dinner! Or, work on your core strength and maintain your balance by smoothly paddleboarding over the gentle waves of Lake Taneycomo or Table Rock Lake. Kayak Branson and White River Kayaking and Outdoors will gladly rent the equipment you need and provide instruction on its use. You’re sure to have a splashing good time on the water in Branson.

Mountain Coasters

Imagine rocketing down the side of a mountain at high speeds in a cart that you control! With the brake in your hands, that means you can actually go as fast or as slow as you like while riding either The Runaway Mountain Coaster or The Branson Coaster. Let gravity do the work on these attractions that resemble a personal roller coaster. After a leisurely 5-minute climb in your cart to the top of the mountain, coast around bends and curves on a scenic journey to the bottom. Few places in the United States offers rides like these, so jump on for a thrilling (or relaxing) trip down the mountain.


At The Track not only will your heart be racing, but the rest of your body will be as well. Take your pick of 14 go-kart race tracks including wooden ones such as the Wild Woody and the steel 4-story Heavy Metal High Rise. The rookie track is perfect for young drivers who want to take out their own car, and even 4-year-olds can drive the Kiddie karts. Meanwhile, Xtreme Racing prides itself on having the longest race track in North America and their super fast Xtreme Karts—it’s so speedy that before driving these, riders must first qualify on the Pro Karts.

Land Safari

Bigfoot on the Strip offers a land adventure tour—the Bigfoot Discovery Expedition™. Guests will take a scenic ride aboard a safari truck and go off-roading through the beautiful hills of the Ozarks. Here, they’ll see the Scottish Highland Cattle, gorgeous vistas and maybe even a few unexpected sights. This ride is open to people of all ages, so gather your friends and family for a fun and adventurous expedition together.

Indoor Adventure Park

Outdoor adventure comes inside at Fritz’s Adventure. It may seem like a death-defying obstacle course, but it is designed to be completely safe. Over 8,000 square feet of rock walls, ropes courses, slides, tunnels and other challenges await fearless adventurers. Here the entire family can test their limits together while engaging in fun and vigorous activities. 

With so many fantastic activities to choose from, your trip to Branson can be jam-packed with amazing things to do and explore. So gather the family and go have an adventure!

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