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Branson Area Features

What’s New in Branson?

Photo Credit: Branson Promised Land Zoo

When it comes to staying “in the know,” Sunny Day Guide does the work for you. New events, attractions and businesses are always coming to the Branson area. We’ll share the hottest insider topics for 2018 with you so you can make the most of your vacation.

The Time Traveler Roller Coaster

Prepare to take a journey like no other. At Silver Dollar City, the new and unprecedented Time Traveler roller coaster is set to open in 2018. This attraction is soon to become the “World’s Fastest, Steepest and Tallest Complete-Circuit Spinning Roller Coaster.” Yes, spinning. Not only do riders drop 90 degrees from a 10-story height, but each seat and car spin as they do so. Plus, there are loops that defy gravity and the ride achieves speeds of 50mph. This is a roller coaster for true thrill seekers with strong stomachs.

Safari Adventures

Take a safari without leaving the country with two new attractions. At Promise Land Zoo, explorers can take their personal vehicles on a drive along the habitats of many different animals. In 2017 the zoo opened a drive-thru park where animals including bison, camels, watusi and even a young giraffe roam over 65 acres for visitors to see. Meanwhile, Bigfoot on the Strip recently began offering tours to some of the most scenic spots in Branson. Board their safari vehicles and explore both neighboring farms and the vast wilderness surrounding the city on their Bigfoot Discovery Expedition. Led by a Bigfoot research team, you’ll cover a lot of ground in the covered vehicle where perhaps you’ll glimpse traces of the elusive creature? Don’t forget to check out the other attractions that opened at Bigfoot on the Strip in 2017 such as the Bigfoot Action Tower, the Yeti Play Zone and more.

Prepare to be Spooked

Take a journey around Historic Downtown Branson on a scary and highly entertaining ghost walk. Ghost Tours of Branson recently began taking its brave guests to some of the eeriest haunts in the city. They’ll speak of events that transpired that could have led to the existence of restless souls that walk among us. While on the tour, guests will also be able to use ghost detectors to try to find proof of the spirit world. The whole family will enjoy the spooky tales on this guided lantern tour.

Snowflex® Tubing Hill

Year-round “snow” tubing can be enjoyed at the newest attraction at Wolfe Mountain thanks to Snowflex! This synthetic snowy landscape covers the side of a hill and even if it’s June, the experience of snow tubing can be had. The material is slippery enough like real snow, but if you tumble off of your tube, it’s a cushiony and safer alternative due to the foam layer underneath. Every day can be a snow (sport) day with plenty of fun on this tubing hill.

Arcade City

One of the newest additions to Branson Landing is Arcade City. Enter this vibrantly colored building to be transported into a place with flashing lights and game-winning-alert sirens that fulfills a gamer’s wildest dreams! This attraction promises hours of fun for both kids and adults, with the possibility of winning some excellent prizes. Race cars or motorcycles, compete with other gamers, re-live childhood memories on a classic game such as Pac-Man, play air-hockey and try a multitude of other games. Win or place highly to rack up tickets that can be traded in for cool awards for every age group including Beats headphones, a new Xbox, stuffed animals, pool toys, kitchen electronics—you name it!

New Cruises on the Water

Ahoy Mateys! Whether you like to live in the fast lane or take it easy, Branson has a new boat tour for you. With three engines and 400 horsepower on the vessel, Branson Jet Boats will take you on a wild ride on Lake Taneycomo. Beginning at Branson Landing, you’ll probably get splashed on this 1-hour tour as the boat speeds across the water and does hairpin turns. For an alternative and relaxed pace, step aboard the Lady Liberty at Long Creek Marina for a 2-hour dinner cruise on Table Rock Lake. Live music, food and fun await you on this entertaining ship that’s one of the many activities available to all through Big Cedar Lodge resort.

The Branson Coaster

There’s a new mountain coaster in town! In July of 2017, The Branson Coaster opened to thrill seekers who delighted in racing down the mountain on a 1-2 person kart that they control. This alpine coaster has the first double-track in the U.S. and can accommodate more riders than a single track. The kart’s easy-to-operate brake is in your hands so you can actually go as fast as you like (approximately 25 mph) or, if you prefer, take a (slightly) slower ride down the mountain. Let gravity do the work on this personal roller coaster ride. Few places in the United States offer attractions like this, so jump on a coaster in Branson for an exhilarating trip down the mountain.

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