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Branson Area Features

What’s New in Branson?

When it comes to staying “in the know,” Sunny Day Guide does the work for you. We’ll share the hottest news for 2019 so you can make the most of your visit to Branson. Here are some of the latest attractions you can add to your vacation itinerary.


A new building is coming to town and will “touch down” on the spot of the former Baldknobbers theater. WonderWorks is an interactive, educational experience with hours of activities geared primarily to older children and teens, and it is opening soon in Branson! Step inside this large upside-down house to play in an assortment of fun and educational exhibits. You can be a human lightning rod or lie on a bed of nails. Go on Professor Wonder’s Adventure for an augmented reality experience in 3D or step into the Bubble Room and try to make a 5-ft. bubble. Hours can be spent playing in WonderWorks!

The Axe Game

Take out some aggression throwing axes in a safe and fun atmosphere by playing The Axe Game at the Shoppes at Branson Meadows. A word of warning—it’s more challenging than it looks! Throw the axes towards the wooden target to try and see if you can hit a bull’s-eye. It may take a few tries before you find a swing that works for you. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and to just have an enjoyable time. It really is a lot of fun!

The Ejection Seat

The newest extreme thrill ride has come to Branson! Defy gravity by bungeeing over 100’ into the air at approximately 80mph on the Ejection Seat at Branson Frontier Adventures. Inside a gyroscopic capsule suspended by bungee cords, you’ll be bouncing, spinning and somersaulting just like an out of control yo-yo. It’s an unforgettable and exhilarating experience!

New Restaurants at the Landing

There are a few new places to grab a delicious bite to eat and a refreshing beverage at Branson Landing! If you’re looking to try something that the kids will also like, visit Andy B’s. It may be a bowling alley, but the food at Andy B’s is truly chef-inspired. So while you’re eating appetizers, ribs, steak, sandwiches, or pizza, you can also try for a strike, sing karaoke, or play in the arcade. And speaking of chef-inspired, celebrity chef Paula Deen is also opening a new restaurant at the Landing—Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen. Coming in the spring of 2019, the former Food Network star will be serving up the southern-style food that made her famous. Finally, LandShark Bar & Grill opened this past winter right in front of the famous Branson fountains. This tropically themed restaurant is owned by Jimmy Buffett and features seafood, chicken, Caribbean fruits and of course—foods referenced in two of the singer’s hit songs—cheeseburgers and margaritas! Save a little room for the Key Lime Pie!

Lifejacket Exhibit at the Titanic Museum

Patrons of the Titanic Museum are now able to see the largest collection of lifejackets from the doomed ship. Throughout the world, only 12 jackets are believed to still be in existence. Beginning in March and running through mid-June, 7 of these lifejackets will be on display at the museum. This is your chance to see a piece of history and a device that likely saved a life.

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