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Branson Show Schedule

C.J. Newsom's Classic Country & Comedy Christmas Show

The Americana Theatre
 2905 West Hwy 76, Branson, Missouri 65616
Branson's classic country music, starring C.J. Newsom and comedian Terry Sanders. C.J. and her award-winning band, The Re-Cliners, proudly bring back the excitement and joy of when these popular songs were first introduced to the American public. From the sultry vocals of classic Patsy Cline songs to the high-energy, foot-stomping arrangements of Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Chuck Berry, every well-known melody comes alive, thrilling audiences of all ages. Five-time Comedian of the Year and televisions Hee Haw star, Terry Sanders, will tickle your funny bone with his family-friendly, slapstick comedy featuring Homer Lee, Gramma Beulah and more.
$3 OFF
Adult Ticket
Present coupon prior to purchase. Not good with any other offer. Exp. 12/16/18
Americana Theatre, 2905 W. Hwy. 76
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