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Branson Weather

Branson is truly year-round fun for all ages. Branson's spring begins in late March and April. Many of the theaters open their shows for the year about this time. The summer extends from June through August and well into September with highs often in the 80s and lows in the 50s and 60s. Fall is October and November with November high temperatures still averaging in the 50s and lower 60s. Branson's winter weather is generally mild, with snow accumulations between 1 and 2 inches.

Average Temperatures In Branson
  Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Precip.
January 45.2° F / 7.3°C 0.5°F / -17.5°C 2.89 in. 
February  50.0°F / 10°C 29.0°F / -1.6°C 2.99 in. 
March  58.6°F / 14.7°C 36.8°F / 2.6°C 4.14 in. 
April 69.9°F / 21.0°C 47.5°F / 8.6°C 4.13 in. 
May  76.1°F / 24.5°C  55.4°F / 13°C  5.45 in.
June  83.9°F / 28.8°C  63.7°F / 17.1°C  4.90 in.
July  88.7°F / 31.4°C  68.1°F / 20.0°C  3.46 in.
August  87.2°F / 30.6°C  65.6°F / 18.6°C  3.79 in.
September  79.9°F / 26.6°C  58.7°F / 14.8°C  4.09 in.
October  71.0°F / 21.6°C  47.7°F / 8.7°C  3.54 in.
November  58.3°F / 14.6°C  37.9°F / 3.2°C  3.92 in.
December  48.6°F / 11.3°C  29.4°F / -1.4°C  3.38 in.
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