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Myrtle Beach Area Features

Outdoor Adventures

Visitors who like to explore the area around them will find countless opportunities to do so while experiencing all that the Grand Strand has to offer. Journeying out with your friends and loved ones to try new activities together adds to the adventure and fun. Here are some of our favorite ideas for great excursions in the Grand Strand.

Fly in the Sky!

You’ll have perhaps the best possible view of the Grand Strand—a bird’s-eye view—by taking to the air on a helicopter tour. If you’ve already explored the region on land, you’ll be able to see all the places you’ve trekked through from a new perspective. If this adventure occurs on the first day of your vacation, then you’ll certainly start your trip with a fantastic overview! Helicopter Adventures and OceanFront Helicopters offer different packages to a multitude of sites. Because the tours have varying price points starting at $20 per person, just about any budget can fly above the Grand Strand. These helicopter rides are highly recommended—especially for those who have never been in a chopper before. 

Play from New Heights

Adventure seekers will have a blast zip-lining and climbing through obstacles high above the treetops. At Go Ape! Treetop Adventure, test your agility on the rope courses of varying difficulty. Cross over bridges made of suspended planks before zip-lining to the next challenge along the trail. Varying courses have different difficulty levels so challenging climbs can be had by first-timers and “frequent flyers” alike. Even those with a fear of heights will find this to be an enjoyable and safe way to conquer their phobia. At soar + explore Zipline & Ropes Course at WonderWorks, you can defy gravity over the water on a rope course consisting of aerial obstacles for many different levels. Climb to platforms that extend to 50 feet in height and navigate your way through strategically placed hurdles that are both mentally and physically challenging. Once you reach the zip lines, you just glide through the tropically themed course to the ground below.

Family Amusements & Fun

At The Track not only will your heart be racing, but the rest of your body will be as well. Take your go-kart around racetracks including wooden ones such as the Wild Woody or the 3-story Mighty Myrtle. The rookie track is perfect for young drivers who want to take out their own car, and most 4-year-olds can even drive the Kiddie Karts. Meanwhile at Broadway Grand Prix, families can race each other on any one of their 7 tracks. Test your driving agility while maneuvering around sharp turns on the Grand Prix Pro Track and the slick track or watch younger children race on the kids track. After racing, a rousing game of mini-golf could be tons of fun for everyone—even if you have a hard time getting the ball in the hole. There are many courses of varying themes throughout the Grand Strand. The young and “mature” alike will have a blast chasing around vibrantly colored golf balls in friendly competition. Putt around sea creatures or dinosaurs, over shipwrecks and maybe even under waterfalls. Whether you’re par for the course or way over, it doesn’t matter in the end—it’s all about having family fun together!

Ride the Surf

When it comes to water-based sports, surfing is king. If you’ve never tried it, the Grand Strand is a great place to start. Here, you’ll find smaller waves that help a rookie surfer figure out the sport. Combine that with summer water temps from 75-82º, and you’re in surfing heaven. For your safety and the safety of others, surfing is only allowed at certain times on many of the beaches so you may want to check the local rules before you go. Local companies offer private and group lessons or advice on ideal places to surf and proper boards to rent. If you’re a veteran surfer and need some new gear, visit Tsunami Surf Shop for one of the largest selections of surfing equipment around.

Paddle Around

Trying a watersport such as paddleboarding or kayaking while staying in the Grand Strand gives you and your family the opportunity to pleasantly discover hidden coves along the rivers and inlets or natural splendors of the open sea. Stand-up paddleboarding has gained a lot of enthusiasts from around the world. The beautiful part of this sport is that when you catch a wave, you’re already standing up. Riders first try to catch a breaking wave, and then use the paddle to increase speed while riding the surf. It's pretty easy to learn but experts advise first learning and practicing on “flat water.” Don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking a refreshing dip in the water once or twice until you get the hang of it! Once riders get used to keeping their balance and paddling smoothly, they may want to head to the ocean for more challenging fun.

Kayaking is another fairly easy watersport that attracts paddlers of all ages. On most sunny summer days, the bright colors of the kayaks can be seen bobbing in the surf as the double-ended paddles dip into the water. Many local watersports outfitters offer guided kayak and paddleboard tours through calmer waters where participants can learn about salt marshes, waterfowl, and marine creatures as well as local history and lore. Visitors can rent both kayaks and SUPs from businesses along the waterways such as Great Escapes Kayaking & Paddleboards and try out both types of paddling. If the ocean is clear, it’s possible to see schools of fish around you or maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a dolphin pod swimming nearby.

Beach Time!

And finally, for pure relaxation at its best, just head to the beach! Stick your toes in the sand, open a good book and relax while listening to the soothing sounds of the lapping water. In addition to bikes and watersports equipment including SUPs and kayaks, businesses along the boardwalk and throughout the area rent beach chairs, umbrellas and specialty items like beach wheelchairs and strollers to make your day on the beach more comfortable.

Whatever means of excitement you pick, you are sure to have a fun-filled and adventurous time!

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