Myrtle Beach, SC - The Grand Strand - Vacation Travel Guide

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Myrtle Beach Area Features

Land, Sea & Air Adventures

If awesome activities are what you seek, you came to the right place. The Grand Strand has many exciting sports that will get the heart pumping and the body moving. Or, take a tour that is both enjoyable and captivating. Whether you opt to play on land, in the water, or even in the air, these adventures will keep you entertained and create memories of a lifetime.


Have the freedom to check out numerous shops and restaurants without the hassle of having to find a parking space. Bicycling is an effective way to journey around the area, down scenic paths, and close to the beach. For cyclists who are in search of a truly scenic ride, rent a bike and cruise along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. In addition to the benefits of exercise, you can take in the sights at a leisurely pace, stopping wherever the moment seems right and finding the perfect spot for lunch or a great backdrop for a family photo.

Nature Cruises & Fishing Charters

Dolphin cruises bring you close to the mammals that continually captivate our hearts. Their intelligence, communication styles and playful antics have endeared them to many, and the love for these mammals continues to grow. Plus, they’re fun to see in the wild. That’s why tours to see these creatures have become so popular in Myrtle Beach. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises will take you to the areas where dolphins are likely to be found. However, if you’re one of those who can’t be on a boat without a fishing pole in their hands, these companies also offer great options for full- and half-day fishing trips. Aboard their vessels, they will take you into the Atlantic on excursions designed for anglers of all ages and skill levels. Tuna, marlin, Spanish mackerel and grouper are just a few fish that you might be able to hook. The best part is, you don’t need any equipment or experience. These companies provide bait, tackle, rod, reel and expertise. Good luck hooking the big one!

Motorized Watersports

In addition to boarding a boat for deep-sea fishing or touring local waterways, there are other fantastic nautical experiences that visitors may enjoy. Adventurers don’t have to travel far to find excitement at new heights or thrilling speeds. Try taking a banana boat ride from Downwind Sails Watersports. You’ll be bouncing along on this group raft as a powerboat speeds you over the ocean waves. Meanwhile, a gorgeous vista awaits those brave enough to take to the skies to see the South Carolina coastline from a different (and higher) perspective while parasailing. They also have you covered if you would prefer to rent a jet ski and race across the water.


When it comes to water-based sports, surfing is king. If you’ve never tried it, the Grand Strand is a great place to start. Here, you’ll find smaller waves that help a rookie surfer figure out the sport. Combine that with summer water temps from 75-82º, and you’re in surfing heaven. For your safety and the safety of others, surfing is only allowed at certain times on many of the beaches so you may want to check the local rules before you go. Local companies offer private and group lessons or advice on ideal places to surf and proper boards to rent. If you’re a veteran surfer and need some new gear, visit Tsunami Surf Shop for one of the largest selections of surfing equipment around.


Trying a watersport such as paddleboarding or kayaking while staying in the Grand Strand gives you and your family the opportunity to pleasantly discover hidden coves along the rivers and inlets or natural splendors of the open sea. Stand-up paddleboarding has gained a lot of enthusiasts from around the world. The beautiful part of this sport is that when you catch a wave, you’re already standing up. Riders first try to catch a breaking wave, and then use the paddle to increase speed while riding the surf. It's pretty easy to learn but experts advise first learning and practicing on “flat water.” Don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking a refreshing dip in the water once or twice until you get the hang of it! Once riders get used to keeping their balance and paddling smoothly, they may want to head to the ocean for more challenging fun.


Kayaking is another fairly easy watersport that attracts paddlers of all ages. On most sunny summer days, the bright colors of the kayaks can be seen bobbing in the surf as the double-ended paddles dip into the water. Many local watersports outfitters offer guided kayak and paddleboard tours through calmer waters where participants can learn about salt marshes, waterfowl, and marine creatures as well as local history and lore. Visitors can rent both kayaks and SUPs from businesses along the waterways such as Great Escapes Kayaking & Paddleboards and try out both types of paddling. If the ocean is clear, it’s possible to see schools of fish around you or maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a dolphin pod swimming nearby.


Adventure seekers will have a blast ziplining and climbing through obstacles high up in the sky. At soar + explore Zipline & Ropes Course at WonderWorks, you can defy gravity over the water on a rope course consisting of aerial obstacles for many different levels. Climb to platforms that extend to 50 feet in height and navigate your way through strategically placed hurdles that are both mentally and physically challenging. Once you reach the zip lines, you just glide over the water to the tropically themed ground below.

Helicopter Tours

Take your Grand Strand adventures to even greater heights! You’ll have perhaps the best possible view of the area on a helicopter tour. If you’ve already explored the region on land, you’ll be able to see all the places you’ve trekked through from a new perspective. If this adventure occurs on the first day of your vacation, then you’ll certainly start your trip with a fantastic overview! Helicopter Adventures and OceanFront Helicopters offer different packages to a multitude of sites. Because the tours have varying price points starting at $20 per person, just about any budget can fly above the Grand Strand. These helicopter rides are highly recommended—especially for those who have never been in a chopper before. 

There are many more adventures to be had in the Grand Strand. Enjoy as many of these and other wonderful experiences as you can. You won’t regret it!

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