Myrtle Beach, SC - The Grand Strand- Vacation Travel Guide

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Myrtle Beach Weather

Myrtle Beach Weather
Myrtle Beach has an average of 215 days of sunshine annually to make your visit even more enjoyable.
The Myrtle Beach area's annual average high temperatures are in the mid 70's. During the summer, the average high temperatures are in the upper 80's and during the winter, the average high temperatures are around 60.
 Average Temperatures In Myrtle Beach
  Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Precip.
January 57° F / 13.8°C 34°F / 1.1°C 4.72 in
Feburary 61°F / 16.1°C 37°F / 2.7°C 3.45 in
March 68°F / 20°C 44°F / 6.6°C 4.07 in
April 75°F / 23.8°C 50°F / 10°C 3.10 in
May 82°F / 27.7°C  59°F / 15.0°C 4.26 in
June 88°F / 31.1°C 67°F / 19.4°C 4.74 in
July 91°F / 32.7°C  71°F / 21.6°C 6.7 in
August 89°F / 31.6°C 70°F / 21.1°C 6.76 in
September 85°F / 29.4°C 65°F / 18.3°C 5.86 in
October  76°F / 24.4°C 53°F / 11.6°C 3.25 in
November 69°F / 20.5°C  44.2°F / 6.7°C 2.74 in
December  60°F / 12.7°C 37°F / 15.5°C 3.62 in
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