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Myrtle Beach Area Features

What's New in Myrtle Beach?

  By: Jacquelyn Eurice

If you’re interested in today’s hotspots and what is currently happening in 2019, look no further. Sunny Day Guide has up-to-date information on the Grand Strand!

The Simpsons in 4D

Fans of “The Simpsons” will now find that the beloved family has come to Broadway at the Beach in 4D! Get your ticket to the Grand Strand’s newest attraction at the Aztec Theater and have a “red carpet” moment with Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie! Upon entering the theater, guests will be immersed in a Simpsons-themed lobby before journeying on an epic 4D adventure. Afterwards, visit Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart for souvenirs based on the show. You can also purchase Springfield’s delicious treats such as Bart and Lisa’s favorite Squishees or the Lard Lad Donuts that Homer loves to eat by the dozen!

New Go-Karts

Broadway Grand Prix Pro Track is getting upgraded go-karts! Three different, all new go-karts with different height requirements will allow more guests to race around the Pro Track. One of the kart types will be the high-performance UltraTrax Kart, produced by Shaller GoKarts. Riders must be at least 60” tall to ride these karts and experience “real racing.” Smaller racers can use the new Double Seater or Junior Go-Karts on Grand Prix’s Pro Track.


Nostalgic fun awaits your family at the new Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum. Packed with 25 pinball machines, this museum allows patrons to play as many games as they like for $12 an hour. Adults will love seeing the “old-school” games of their youth such as the 1976 games “Old Chicago” and “Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy.” Younger players may opt for recent additions such as “Jurassic World” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Myrtle Beach Pinball is the vision of pinball enthusiasts Jerry and Sheila Pinkas, who opened their personal collection to the public in 2018 in an effort to revitalize the game and the pop culture that surrounds it. 

Comedy Cabana

A great new show recently took to the stage at the Comedy Cabana. Every Thursday night at 6pm, catch “Holy Matchrimony!” This family-friendly performance pits two married couples from the audience against each other in a hilarious adaptation of “The Newlywed Game.” You’re in for a night of laughs at this show. The Comedy Cabana is Myrtle Beach’s only 5-star comedy club and offers food and drinks for a complete date- or family-night out on the town.


Opening this spring in Myrtle Beach, and only a short drive from the oceanfront, is the new Topgolf facility. This golf mecca entertains golfers (and even beginning wannabe golfers) with a state-of-the-art facility and an array of high-tech activities. Step inside the 55,000-square-feet facility and find competitive golfing games for all ages and abilities. The golf balls are microchipped to instantly assess distance and accuracy, making the traditional concept of a driving range more competitive.  That’s the premise behind their trademark game, also called Topgolf. Individual players aim for any target.  Points are gained when you come close to your target and for the distance you attain—if you have the talent to hit it that far with precision…

These exciting golfing activities are not all that Topgolf has to offer. Sit, relax, and watch the Masters Tournament, football, or other sporting events on any one of the many HDTVs in the building. Sip one of their signature cocktails while feasting on delicious food at one of the two on-site bars or at the rooftop lounge. Groups and companies will love this hospitable environment in which to host parties, meetings and reunions. Spaces for these events are available in large conference rooms that are also stocked with HDTVs and have easy access to one of the golfing bays.

Water Lantern Festivals

In 2019, Myrtle Beach is debuting two water lantern festivals! This is an unforgettable type of event that brings us closer to our friends and community and in many people, it may even evoke spirituality and a closeness with the earth. The 1,000 Lights Water Lantern Festival on April 13 and the Water Lantern Festival on June 29 will both take place at Grand Park near The Market Common. All ages are welcome to come and behold this magical spectacle. Beginning at 5:30pm, families, friends and neighbors can gather to dance to live music, play games, and have fun. Later in the evening, you’ll have the chance to design your own lantern. Maybe dedicate it to a special person or a lost loved one. Then, light and release your lantern on the water with thousands of other lanterns for a remarkable sight. Each lantern is made with rice paper and is eco-friendly. Plus, the festival employees and volunteers cherish the water and work to clean up every last one. From the beginning of the festival to the end, it is all about the beauty of natural elements and the importance of clean water.

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