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Myrtle Beach Area Features

Pavilion Park

  By: Ashley Daniels

Pavilion Park—East, West and Central—offers three ways to play at Broadway.

Pavilion Park, a must-visit attraction in Myrtle Beach, has been creating new traditions for visitors young and old since July 4, 2007.

That was the happy day when the light and laughter from the Pavilion, a historic park that stood on Ocean Boulevard from 1948 to 2007, was reincarnated into the new Pavilion Park: three sections—East, West and Central—spread out within Broadway at the Beach. Today’s Pavilion Park has a colorful mixed identity of both nostalgic and up-and-coming modern amusements. 

“There’s something here for all ages in all three of our parks,” says director Craig Atkins. “Our Central Park is more extreme, where we’ll reveal new rides that require a daredevil mindset. We have more rides for the little ones in the East, like the tea cup ride, and in the West, there’s a real renewed family feel.”   

Atkins reports that new adrenaline-pumping rides will be added before summer 2018, confirming Pavilion’s status as the largest amusement park in Myrtle Beach. New rides include the Tsunami; a monster truck ride; a new observation wheel called Broadway 360; and The Beast, one of the largest pendulum rides in the United States that swings up to 160 feet off the ground at its highest point —there are only two in the Western hemisphere!

“The West Park was reimagined. Everything was taken out down to the dirt for the new rides coming in,” says Atkins. “The new atmosphere and ambiance is family-friendly and will have a park-like setting, with large shade trees and landscape lighting, It’s what people should expect when they come here—to feel comfortable.”
Expect the East Park, the most nostalgic of the trio, to boast classic rides—some restored from the original Pavilion—such as the spinning Tea Cups, the Demolition Derby bumper cars; the mini- and bigger-sized pendulum Pirate Ships; the Rocket that blasts off sky-high to 200 feet; and the Herschell-Spillman Carousel, a beautiful antique specimen crafted in 1912, featuring hand-carved horses, tigers, birds or camels for children to hop on and enjoy the whimsical pipe organ sounds as they circle ’round.

The Central Park section is filled with plenty of thrills, like the American Swing that races around a circular track; the Moonraker 20 that will have you spinning as you rise on a platform up to a 90-degree angle; The Speed XXL, a giant needle that flips you around at speeds up to 50 mph and a height of 130 feet; and The Wave Swinger, the largest swing set you’ll ever fly on.

When folks land back on their feet, there’s a lineup of concession stands serving up carnival munchies like funnel cakes, corn dogs, popcorn and more. There’s a video game arcade area, as well as old-fashioned, fair-style games of chance. And don’t miss the exquisite German Baden Band Organ, a hand-carved work of art that debuted at the 1900 Paris World Expo and still plays those sweet calliope sounds.

Broadway at the Beach provides plenty of parking, plus fireworks every Tuesday and Friday night during the summer. Tickets are available individually, via daily wristbands (your best bet for your budget!) or ticket books. For more information on park hours, ticket prices and more, visit

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