Myrtle Beach, SC - The Grand Strand - Vacation Travel Guide

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Myrtle Beach Area Features

Welcome to the Grandest of Strands!

The Atlantic Coast of South Carolina contains a long strip of land that is separated from the mainland by the Intracoastal Waterway. This is the Grand Strand—a place thousands of people love to visit and return to often. Along this 60-mile-long stretch of coastal beauty, there are many different communities and cities that are individualistic in nature and fascinating to explore. The best part is, because these areas are different from one another, there is absolutely something for everyone—from quiet luxurious getaways to happening party environments. Sunny Day Guide is here to help you find the vacation destination on the Grand Strand that suits your needs perfectly or to just learn about the region. Read on to discover the uniqueness and offerings of each of these areas from North Myrtle Beach to Pawleys Island. We hope to assist you in enjoying every second of your vacation on South Carolina’s coast.

Visitors to North Myrtle Beach will find it relaxed and easygoing, perfect for low-key families and adults who may enjoy dancing the shag. Beaches in this area are (from north to south) Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive Beach, Crescent Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Windy Hill.

A short drive south will put you in the heart of the Grand Strand — Myrtle Beach. These sprawling few miles are jam-packed with rides, restaurants, shows, shops, activities and more. For families who prefer a lot of choices in their entertainment, this is the place to be.

South of Myrtle Beach, just past Myrtle Beach State Park, is Surfside Beach. A nice in-between location, visitors here can escape the hustle of its northern neighbor, but still be close to activities. Surfside is referred to as “the family beach” due to its not-too-fast but not-too-slow environment.

Continuing down the coastline is Garden City Beach. This is a small, unincorporated beach town known for its pier that was reconstructed following Hurricane Hugo in 1998. In  this area, fishing, surfing and other water sports are the  main attractions.

Murrells Inlet follows and is a quaint little historic fishing area with just a few eclectic shops and local restaurants. Known for its natural beauty and extremely fresh seafood, this is a nice place for a peaceful retreat.

Bordering Murrells Inlet is Huntington Beach State Park. Camp under the stars and fall asleep to the sounds of the surf. Enjoy art and nature at Brookgreen Gardens or visit the Huntington estate, Atalaya, in their namesake park.

For a pampered, adult-centric, get-away-from-it-all vacation, Litchfield Beach may be the best destination. In this upscale community, sophisticated stores, rejuvenating spas and some of the nation’s best golf can be found.

At the southern point of the Grand Strand, you’ll find Pawleys Island. Couples on a romantic getaway would probably enjoy this area for its more “grown-up” vibe. As one of the nation’s oldest seaside communities, this “arrogantly shabby” area still relishes its historic charm, natural beauty and some amazing low-country food.

Wherever you decide to stay on the Grand Strand, you’re not too far away from any of these great beaches. It’s clear that visitors to this region will have no trouble finding the best spot for their picture-perfect vacation.


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