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Myrtle Beach Hot Spots

Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center

When fun for all ages is on your agenda, you won’t want to miss the newest, biggest entertainment attraction at Broadway at the Beach. Just look for the Great Ape of Myrtle Beach towering over Highway 17, and get ready for mammoth merriment.

The world-famous Hollywood Wax Museum has brought its craft and celebration of celebrity to the Carolinas, giving guests the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite movie and pop culture icons. When they invite you to “Come Play with the Stars,” they aren’t kidding. Visitors can walk right up to today’s hottest A-list entertainers and pop stars as well as Hollywood legends of yesteryear and pose for fun photos. They’ll also be able to get to know the stars better through posted facts about their charities and side businesses, fluky details about their backgrounds, their likes and dislikes, and more.

The hand-sculpted celebrity likenesses are exceptional pieces of art that amaze guests with their realism. It takes three months for a team of six artists to create each wax figure.

According to General Manager Tim Ruedy, “People love the Hollywood Wax Museum because it’s so close to having a personal experience with the stars. They can go at their own pace and be totally engrossed by the sets,  scenes and activities. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this kind of high-quality entertainment in Myrtle Beach.”

In fact, the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center offers two more distinct opportunities for gargantuan giggles and groans with Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and Outbreak - Dread the Undead. These attractions take guests on vastly different journeys of gallantry and survival. Are you The Chosen One who can save the princess? Can you save the world from a dangerous viral outbreak and save yourself from throngs of zombies? You’ll only find out if you try.

The Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center is open every day, year-round. For more information, call 843-444-0091 or check out


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