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Ocean City Area Features

Outdoor Concert Series

It’s been said that the best things in life are free and in Ocean City that’s certainly the case. Think of strolls along the beach and sunsets over the bay—taking time to enjoy the ocean breeze and listen to the sounds of the beach. None of those things costs you a dime, and yet the feelings they bring and the memories they create are far more precious than diamonds.

With Ocean City’s Summer Concert Series, those sweet beach sounds include some of the region’s best music—performed outdoors, alongside the ocean and the bay—all free of charge. What could be better than that?

The concerts, provided by the city, are held on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings throughout the summer, either at Northside Park, 125th Street bayside, North Division Street along the historic Boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean, or at Sunset Park on the bay at South Division Street, respectively.

Each Sunday from July 9 through September 3, you can spend the evening enjoying live music at Ocean City’s Northside Park. Sundaes in the Park is a family concert series offered every Sunday starting at 7pm with free music ranging from country to rock. The evening also offers a variety of children’s activities and entertainment. If you’re in the mood for a cool, refreshing dessert to top off your evening, you can create your own delicious ice cream sundae for a small fee, then sit back, listen to the music, and watch the sun set over the bay. Fireworks act as the finale to this wonderful event on the north end of Ocean City.

Celebrate the middle of the week at the beach each Wednesday from July 12 through August 30 (except Aug. 2) with free concerts right on the beach. The concerts are held near North Division Street at Ocean City’s new Caroline Street Stage and Comfort Station on the east edge of Ocean City’s world-famous Boardwalk, and start at 8pm. The music varies from week to week—and every performance is a treat. As the sun sets and the stars take over the sky, sit back on the soft white beach, view the sparkling blue ocean, and dance beneath the moon and stars.

Every Thursday from July 6 to August 31, enjoy free entertainment at Sunset Park Party Nights. Listen to music and watch the sun set over the bay at the bayside park at South Division Street. Beverages are available for purchase on-site and benefit the Ocean City Development Corporation, a non-profit organization. 

For more information on these Summer Concert offerings, contact the Ocean City Department of Tourism, 800-626-2326 or visit www.ococean.com.


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