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Ocean City Area Features

The Kite Loft

  By: Jacquelyn Eurice

Maryland residents and countless tourists to the region recognize The Kite Loft as one of the cornerstone businesses on the Ocean City Boardwalk. For over 40 years, kites have flown high above the stores, now with two locations: on 5th Street and 67th Street.

In 1975, Bill Ochse opened the store featuring the whimsical toys that have delighted children and adults alike throughout the years. The present owner, Jay Knerr joined the company in 1984, bringing his strong background in business and computer technology to the table. Together, the two men formed a partnership that utilized both of their skills—Bill as the founder and front man, and Jay working behind the scenes to grow the business and adapt the company to the online world. With their efforts, the success of The Kite Loft took flight.

A founding principle of The Kite Loft is to continually evolve. That is why the store carries much more than its name implies—though kites are its foremost product. Shoppers are thrilled to find unique gifts and surprising treasures along the store’s shelves, walls, and even the ceiling. A large collection of unique wind chimes specially tuned to play specific notes, are hung in a vast display. Clothing lines including Life is Good® and the popular Old Bay® are in hot demand. Plus, the store’s inventory and décor are re-evaluated and re-designed each year to perpetually keep up with modern consumer tastes and to make sure products are always new and exciting.

For kids, there are quick-play games including Timeline and the LCR (Left, Center, Right) dice game. They may also like a yo-yo, a plush new friend, outdoor toys or a kite! Flying a kite is a timeless tradition and The Kite Loft carries an inventory of kites that come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are stunt kites, power kites, and single line kites for beginning enthusiasts to serious flyers. Many name brands are available—perhaps a themed kite with a depiction of a famous cartoon character will engage your child in this activity.

Adults will find specialized glass art objects that make wonderful gifts and items for the home, including: paintings of the Ocean City Boardwalk; flags of states, countries and sports teams; and even hammocks and furnishings. Basically, there is something for everyone, so stop on in. The Kite Loft is open February through November at its two locations. Take your time browsing through the merchandise when you visit The Kite Loft. You’re likely to find your next favorite treasure.


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