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Ocean City Area Features

Bayside Skillet

  By: Leah Lancione

Amid the countless motels, hotels, gas stations, shops and mini-golf spots along Ocean City’s Coastal Highway, one place stands out: an eye-catching bright pink restaurant with hand-painted parking bumpers that is beloved by locals and tourists alike. This upscale restaurant is none other than The Bayside Skillet, which celebrates 40 years in business in July, and has found the recipe for success!

Complementing the restaurant’s lovely exterior, which has earned Ocean City’s “Beauty Spot” award multiple times, is a menu of gourmet cuisine that enchants customers year-round thanks to its insistence on using only the freshest ingredients. Manager Sid Zweigbaum says his family’s business has been doing the “farm to table thing” long before it became trendy in the restaurant industry. “We have been getting our own produce since the beginning. We hand-pick the produce ourselves,” he says. The restaurant even has its own refrigerated truck to transport produce because quality is paramount. “We are honest when we say ‘only the freshest produce is used’,” admits Zweigbaum.

Attention to detail is a pursuit carried out by the entire staff of The Bayside Skillet—from breakfast, lunch and dinner entrées that look like works of art to homemade starters, freshly squeezed juices, savory soups made from scratch, bountiful salads, and more. Fortunately, what’s spent on offering a first-class dining experience with gourmet dishes isn’t lost on customer service. The atmosphere created by the staff is welcoming. “We pride ourselves on the fact that there is always someone to greet guests with a smile and to offer a ‘thank you’ as they depart,” says Zweigbaum.

Known as the “Crepe and Omelette Place” thanks to its delectable crepes and huge omelettes, The Bayside Skillet prides itself on serving large portions. Therefore, sharing is allowed—even encouraged.  There is NEVER a charge for sharing.

The staff also aims to please all guests as gluten-friendly options are available and the menu is always evolving to suit customers’ tastes. “We pay attention to what customers like and try to add at least a few new items to the menu every year,” says Zweigbaum. Longtime favorites, like the Strawberry Blintz Omelette, won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, but “we do like to keep things current and exciting and invite customers to try something new,” he says. 

Also notable, the kitchen staff is capable and willing to accommodate any other special dietary needs and encourages patrons to let the restaurant know in advance so they can ensure proper food handling and preparation.

There is ample time to dine on the waterfront (and pet-friendly) deck during the summer season as The Bayside Skillet stays open for dinner and unobstructed sunsets. “Our dinner crowd loves our crab cakes because they can see and taste that we use all jumbo lump crab,” boasts Zweigbaum. Fresh fruit is used in the delicious homemade cocktails like the “Very Berry Sangria” and strawberry margaritas. 

The Bayside Skillet is located at 7701 Coastal Hwy. and is open at 7am every day except Christmas. For more information, visit baysideskillet.net.

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