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Ocean City Area Features

Artist Paul DeRemigis Jr.

Assateague Ponies in Ocean Gallery!

Seeing wild ponies running in the surf is usually reserved for mystical dreams and whimsical fantasies. However, on nearby Assateague Island, it’s reality! The wild horses that inhabit this area have captured the imagination and curiosity of Ocean City visitors for decades. People come from all over the world to see them. Now, celebrity artist Paul DeRemigis Jr.—arguably Ocean City’s most popular artist—has brought the beauty of this reality to life in his gorgeous new hand-watercolored scene, Wild Assateague Ponies on the Beach!

It was Boardwalk icon Joe Kro-Art who discovered artist Paul DeRemigis, a Baltimore native, and encouraged him to appear in Ocean Gallery World Center years ago. Since that very first visit, DeRemigis has dedicated himself to his paintings. He typically creates artistic and even nostalgic scenes of Ocean City and has been doing so for over 30 years. He is often seen at Ocean Gallery painting new pieces to add to his portfolio. Visitors are welcome to come by to see DeRemigis paint in person at Ocean Gallery—it’s fascinating!

The painting that reflectively captures the Ocean City Boardwalk in the 1980s is not only DeRemigis’ best-selling scene of the city, it is Ocean City’s best selling artwork of a local scene ever! His latest piece, “Wild Assateague Ponies on the Beach” was—in his mind—a special challenge. Capturing the ponies playing in the surf was not only a labor of love and dedication, but the goal was to make this piece “spectacular!”

DeRemigis begins by creating a pencil drawing. Many times he works from photos and combines them with his own imagination. He enjoys playing with light shadows and texture to make a picture “pop.” The artist then produces hand-watercolored, signed and numbered prints of each scene. As he says, “I pay a lot of attention to detail to make the pictures look like photographs.” This is why every piece takes him over 250 hours to complete.

For Wild Assateague Ponies on the Beach, discussion and consultation between the artist and Joe Kro-Art continued for months… two years, in fact. Finally, all of the attention spent on the most meticulous details was complete and the painting was just as the artist originally envisioned—special. Finally, it was ready to be unveiled. During Ocean Gallery World Center’s 50th anniversary, both Joe Kroart and Ocean Gallery World Center were honored by Comptroller Peter Franchot and the State of Maryland for their contributions to “the arts, culture and commerce in the State of Maryland for over 50 Years” and for being “a beloved attraction on Ocean City’s Boardwalk!” It was at this momentous time that Ocean Gallery proudly presented the world premiere of Paul DeRemigis’ Wild Assateague Ponies on the Beach to the delight of event attendees.

Visitors to Ocean City are encouraged to visit Ocean Gallery World Center on the boardwalk at 2nd Street. There, it’s possible to meet Paul DeRemigis in person and see his exhibit. Who knows, you may take home a print from his collection for yourself!

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