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Ocean City Area Features

5 Tips to Getting Around Ocean City

In the busy summer season, the resort area of Ocean City is filled with people coming and going from one place to another. The traffic and the crowds can be a bit overwhelming, but we have some ideas on how to navigate the region more successfully.  With these suggestions, we hope your trip to Ocean City will be a pleasant one!

  1. Plan ahead: On busy weekends, a lot of locals from neighboring cities drive across the Route 50 and Route 90 bridges to reach the resort area. Those bridges become congested and the traffic can be miserable. Plan to be on those bridges at “off” times (early morning or late evening) to avoid the wait.
  2. Leave your vehicle in one spot: Once you get to your hotel (or parking space), plan on leaving your car for the duration of your stay. The stroll down the boardwalk is a pleasant one, and the buses are an easy and inexpensive way to get around.
  3. Technology is your friend: Download the TransLoc Rider app to find out where the bus is and how long your wait time at the bus stop will be. This enables you to have more time playing instead of standing around waiting for the bus.
  4. Head to the Inlet: A huge municipal parking lot is located at the inlet. Once here, you can take the tram up and down the boardwalk for $3 each way. Get the new unlimited ride pass for $6 and ride the boards as much as you like between 11am and 4pm.
  5. Rent a Bike: Why not get fresh some air and exercise? Rent a bike, bypass the traffic, and enjoy the ride to your destination.
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