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Ocean City Area Features

The Dog Days of Vacation

We love our four-legged companions. They’re part of the family! So whenever possible, we take them on vacation. If that’s part of your plan, you may want to consider the following:

Staying Overnight

  • Call the hotel, motel, or inn where you would like to stay to make sure pets are welcome.
  • Inform management of the breed and size of your animal.
  • If you have more than one pet traveling with you, make that known before booking your stay.
  • Ask about extra costs that may be included.
  • Establish the rules—especially for unattended animals in a room.


  • Many places with outdoor seating areas will welcome a well-behaved furry companion. Call and ask if your pet can come along!
  • Did the server bring a bowl of cold water or a free tasty treat from the kitchen? As grateful as “Maverick” was for the steak scraps, your server would also be grateful for the extra tip!

Staying Safe:

  • Hot pavement and sand can burn paws. Be mindful about the temperature on which they’re walking.
  • Bring a lot of cool water for your pet to drink. Ocean (salt) water is very dangerous to dogs. It can cause dehydration, vomiting and intestinal pain.
  • NEVER leave your animal locked in a vehicle by itself. Even a 70-degree day with the windows cracked can be lethal to an animal (or human!) within minutes.
  • Make sure your pets vaccines are current and that the I.D. tags on his collar have up-to-date information.
  • Keep your dog leashed, in your control, and be attentive.
  • Never let your pet approach other pets without the owner’s consent.
  • Dogs can become tired while swimming and can easily drown. Make sure they take breaks and stay hydrated. Many pet stores sell life preservers for dogs—a great idea if you often go to the ocean.
  • Pet parents must always clean up after their furry babies. For the health of people, the environment, and other animals, there are no exceptions to this rule.

So, where in Ocean City can we go together as a family?

  • The Beach! Year-round, there is an oceanfront place where you can take your dog. During the peak summer season, dogs are allowed on the beach only at Maryland’s Assateague National Seashore (not the state beach). However, in the off-season, October 1 through April 30, Ocean City is remarkably dog friendly. Before you go, research the ordinances for the beach you plan on visiting.
  • On the water. Rent a jet boat through Bayside Boat Rentals and let “Baron” feel the salt air in his face. When making your boat reservation, be sure to mention that you have a dog with your party.
  • The Dog Park. At 94th Street is the Ocean City Dog Playground where your faithful companion can get the “zoomies” out with other dogs. This off leash park is divided into sections for large and small dogs and includes water fountains for the pups. Owners must register their dog and pay a small fee.
  • Out for a bite to eat. Enjoy a quick bite and a delicious frozen dessert at Dumser’s Dairyland’s two restaurant locations with decks where “Oscar” can be by your side. Also, Bayside Skillet invites your furry companion to join you for breakfast, lunch and dinner on their back porch.
  • Shopping. “Luna” will love a stroll down the boardwalk in the off-season while you window shop, despite the fact that it’s outdoors-only for her. She can, however, go to Paws & Claws, Etc. This neighborhood pet store in West Ocean City carries everything you might need while away from home.

We hope with this information will help you and your pet to have a safe and pawsome time in Ocean City, Maryland!

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