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Ocean City Area Features

Craft Breweries To Try at the Beach

Throughout the state, Maryland has some great breweries. Not only are Flying Dog, Heavy Seas, and even DuClaw breweries some of the most well known, but they’re also national brands. In due time, we can expect to see some of the amazing craft breweries that are coming out of Ocean City join those ranks as well—some of their brews are already in neighboring states! But for now, these local breweries are great spots to relax, watch sports, hang out with friends, and sample some delicious handcrafted beer.

O.C Brewing Co.

O.C Brewing Co. has an extensive array of beers on tap, from the O.C. Light to the Mad Scientist Pecan Pie Chocolate Stout. However, it’s their unique blend of flavors that sets them apart from other breweries. For instance, there is the Spoiled Brat Pineapple-Ginger Pale Ale that is referred to as their “tropical beer mimosa.” In addition to the Stouts, Pale Ales and Wheats that they have on tap, go Nuckin’ Futs (the name of their Honey Brown Walnut Ale) and try the Ocasa Sunset Ale when you’re in Ocean City. Take a seat at an Oktoberfest-style table in the “Social X-periment” bar area and order some tasty food to go with your beer. The flatbread pizzas are delicious as is the Crabby Patty. Who doesn’t love crab dip on a cheeseburger?

O.C Brewing Co. is located at 55th St. & Coastal Hwy. in Ocean City.

Backshore Brewing Co.

Farther down the coastline lies Backshore Brewing Co. This small brewery on the boardwalk prefers to make small batches of beer so there is always something different on their lineup. On one visit, try their Nuttin’ Special—which is actually a really good hazelnut brown ale. On another, maybe they’ll have their Peppermint Phatty English Brown Ale or Boardwalk Blonde on tap. Regardless, something will be present that will tempt your taste buds. Their beer menu is constantly changing so your palate will never be bored.  Backshore also has bar snacks and appetizers you can enjoy while you sip their beer. The “Boom! Boom! Shrimp” basket and the crabby pizza are always customer favorites!

Backshore Brewing Co. is located at 10th St. & the Boardwalk in Ocean City.

Fin City Brewing Co.

Fin City Brewing Co. is Ocean City’s Oldest Brewery and they seem to like their hops. The hoppier, the better! Right? From their Angler Ale with an IBU of 20 to the 77 IBUs in the Poor Man’s I.P.A., there is quite a range of brews for every taste preference. Just breaking into the microbrew scene? Perhaps their Sneaky Wheat would be a nice introduction. It’s also great on a hot summer afternoon. Fin City is located at Hooper’s Crab House complex, just across the Route 50 Bridge. Here, you’ll find steaks, chicken, fish and the perfect accompaniment to beer—steamed Maryland-style blue crabs with Old Bay seasoning.

Fin City Brewing Co. is located at 12913 Ocean Gateway in Ocean City.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

It may be a short drive from Ocean City, but if you are interested in touring breweries, you would be remiss to not visit some in Delaware. Of all the places to sample local alcoholic quaffs in Delaware, none has captured the national spotlight quite like Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Started in Rehoboth Beach, the demand for their award-winning beers quickly proved that their original brew house was too small to keep up with the public’s desire. Now, their beers and liquors including vodka, jin (sic.) and rum are all made in neighboring Milton, Delaware. It’s worth the trip to tour their facility, but if you are just looking to sample their beers, the shabby-chic Rehoboth Beach location is a fun place to sip (among others) Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA, Namaste White—a witbier, or Midas Touch—the first of their ancient ale series.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is located at 511 Chestnut St., Milton, DE.

Big Oyster Brewery

Due to its popularity, Big Oyster Brewery recently moved to an expanded location in Lewes in the fall of 2017. It’s recommended to try a flight to see which of their many beers—you’ll find nearly 20 on tap—you like the most. However, the beer list alternates with favorites and new small batches. Maybe try a Belgian Witbier, the Dang! IPA, or their Big Oyster Stout on your visit. The food menu is incredible too and utilizes their beers in the recipes. Try B.O.B.’s Nachos with a flat iron steak and a jalapeño beer cheese sauce or create your own seafood-based steam-pot. The food is just as delicious as the beer!

Big Oyster Brewery is located at 1007 Kings Hwy., Lewes, DE.

If you prefer mixed drinks, Seacrets Distilling Company produces some wonderful rums, vodkas, whiskey, and even a gin. Take a tour of the facility and sample some of their wares including lemon drop vodka, spiced rum and bourbon. Then have your friendly bartender whip up a cocktail of your choosing at Seacrets hopping bar next door. Their bayside beach has tables in the sand—a perfect location to sip a Mai Tai.

Visit each brewery's website or Facebook page to see what beers are on tap and what food options are available. Many also host special events, so be sure to check out their upcoming calendars and you’ll know before you go. Cheers!

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