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Ocean City Area Features

10 Dining Options You’ll Want to Try in Ocean City

Throughout Ocean City, there are countless chances to try food that is special in this region. The area has thousands of restaurants that serve cuisines from all over the world. But since you're here, why not try some of the local places that serve food the area’s residents have perfected? In addition, there is always the possibility of dining on the water or in a themed restaurant. Here are the 10 best dining "opportunities" you should try while on the Maryland shore…

Crab Houses

Crabs are a Maryland delicacy. (So much so that you can read all about how to eat them right here!) And when you are driving around Ocean City, you may find that the scent of Old Bay is guiding you to a locals’ favorite dining establishment—the Crab House. Here, picnic tables are wrapped in paper and bushels of seasoned and steamed red crabs are poured out for hungry diners to devour. Hours can be spent picking the succulent meat from the shell. Corn, coleslaw and other sides are usually available, but most people save their appetite for the juicy crustacean.

Water View Dining

Everywhere you look, there are gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean or the local bays. Why not take in that beautiful scenery while enjoying dinner and cocktails? Try dining on the freshest seafood and tender steaks at Harrison’s Harbor Watch on the boardwalk. The view is spectacular! Restaurant guests can watch the boats as they come in from a long day on the water while seated at a table that overlooks the inlet. Bayside Skillet has amazing vistas from their deck situated on he bay. Visit at sunset for an outstanding backdrop to a delightful dinner!  Early in the morning, guests of Ocean View Grill & BBQ can watch the shore birds on the beach while enjoying a scrumptious breakfast. Then, after playing in the water all day, they can enjoy dinner at the very same restaurant. Its prime location on the boardwalk makes for spectacular oceanfront dining at any time.

Dining to a Beat

Music often rocks in restaurants in Ocean City. Whatever sound gets your blood pumping and your toes tapping can likely be found. While on vacation and especially while overlooking the water, tropical rhythms instantly transport you to an island state of mind. At the Caribbean Pool Bar & Grille, diners can sit outside by the pool and sway to the melodies while nibbling on wings or sandwiches. Lots of places offer live music in the summer—just follow your ears and your stomach to your ideal destination.

Boardwalk Tastes

The boardwalk is home to many places that have been resident businesses for decades—and for good reason—the crave-worthy food is delicious! Atlantic Stand offers fried chicken, burgers and more that you can eat in their air-conditioned dining room or take onto the beach for a picnic. Thrasher’s French Fries, Candy Kitchen, Dolle’s Candyland, and Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard are some of the most recognized establishments where lines often form in front. These places are worth the wait for the treats that only add to the enjoyment of being at the beach and on vacation. Families have been introducing their kids and grandkids to the foods they loved as children for generations.


It is fairly impossible to visit Ocean City and not partake of a hot and gooey slice of pizza. Parlors line the streets and the boardwalk, enticing people to stop in for a bite. In the summer, many are open 24 hours and can deliver to your hotel. Go ahead and treat yourself to a pie from one of the fabulous pizza parlors in town!

Indulging Buffets

Families that constantly bicker over places to eat will have no squabbles at all upon visiting the all-you-can-eat buffets in Ocean City such as Paul Revere Smorgasbord and Jonah and the Whale. Seafood, prime rib, chicken, pasta—it’s all there and then some! Pick salads, vegetables, breads and potatoes to accompany protein, but don’t forget to save some room for dessert! Multiple choices are available—from chocolate decadence to creamy custards and seasonal fruits. These treats are a great way to top off your meal.

Houses Filled with Pancakes

All along Atlantic and Pacific Avenues, the smell of freshly griddled pancakes wafts in the air. In the mornings and into the afternoon, countless pancake houses are ready to serve this traditional breakfast food to hungry patrons. What separates the Ocean City pancake houses from others is that you’ll likely find a menu consisting of at least 20 different types of pancakes. Every flavor combination is seemingly available, from traditional chocolate chip with whipped cream to pancakes that are cooked with peanut butter and banana or pieces of candy mixed in.

Dock Dining   

Those who have access to a boat will definitely want to grab some great food at one of the local marinas where you can pull up dockside and grab a bite. Harpoon Hanna’s is the perfect location to sail up to for a meal on their deck. Not only do they often have live music performing outside in the summer, but their menu options and fully stocked bar are certainly inviting as well. At the Angler, not only can you enjoy a seafood omelet before setting out on the water, but you can also stop in for dinner afterwards. They’re located at the Talbot Street Marina and have their own boat for cruises and fishing trips.

Pub Fare and More

Chances are, visitors to Ocean City will notice the novelty tee-shirts that are sold everywhere. Yet, the most popular ones are sold in bars and restaurants such as M.R. Ducks, Shenanigan’s or Bull on the Beach. Don’t be surprised though, when you find out that the food served at these locations is amazing! Load up on an array of appetizers or dine on fresh local fish, grilled chicken and delicious house specialties. Depending on when you visit, there may also be a live band performing.

Toes in the Sand

Often situated along the bay, there are a few establishments such as Fagers Island that let you relax in a tiki bar under swaying palms while sipping a Mai Tai or rum runner and nibbling on coconut shrimp. Ropewalk has a sandy beach stocked with Adirondack chairs where you can indulge on their bang-bang shrimp can be enjoyed while watching a the water ebb and flow. At Seacrets, you can even go in the water and lounge on a raft or sit at a cocktail table that is situated in the water. These places are recommended for endless entertainment and a festive Caribbean vibe.

When faced with a dining decision, take your pick of the many wonderful options available to you in Ocean City. But if you’re having trouble deciding or need more information, visit our Restaurant & Dining Guide for links to these and other restaurants in the area.

Bon Appetit!

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