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Sanibel-Captiva & Fort Myers Beach Weather

 The climate in southern Florida is subtropical and humid, with temperatures ranging from 60F (16C) in midwinter (which is peak tourist season) to around 80F (27C) in summer. The summer heat and humidity along the coast and on the islands is tempered by the ocean breezes from the Gulf of Mexico, and by frequent afternoon and evening thundershowers, which account for most of the region's rainfall. The winter months are dryer. The area is prone to being hit by hurricanes, but local communities have adapted to cope with these occasional storm threats.

 Average Temperatures In Sanibel-Captiva & Fort Myers Beach
  Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Precip.
January 74.8° F / 23.7°C 53.9°F / 12.1°C 1.82 in
February 76.1°F / 24.5°C 54.8°F / 12.6°C 2.18 in
March 79.7°F / 26.5°C 58.4°F / 14.6°C 2.66 in
April 84.3°F / 29.0°C 62.5°F / 16.9°C 2.04 in
May 88.4°F / 31.3°C  67.3°F / 19.6°C 3.89 in
June 90.4°F / 32.4°C 72.2°F / 22.3°C 9.27 in
July  91.0°F / 32.7°C  73.9°F / 23.2°C 8.90 in
August 91.3°F / 32.9°C 74.3°F / 23.5°C 8.43 in
September  89.8°F / 32.1°C 73.6°F / 23.1°C 8.38 in
October  85.4°F / 29.6°C 68.1°F / 20.0°C 3.79 in
November 80.0°F / 26.6°C  60.5°F / 15.8°C 1.51 in
December  76.0°F / 24.4°C 55.3°F / 12.9°C 1.43 in
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