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Williamsburg Area Features

Exhilarating Experiences and Outside Fun

Games, sports, and exciting adventures are found throughout the Historic Triangle. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or even a fun, family activity such as mini golf, this is your place to be. Here’s a look at some of the many thrills that can be had in and around Williamsburg.

Adventure seekers will have a blast zip-lining and climbing through obstacles high the above treetops. At Go Ape! in Williamsburg’s Freedom Park or the Adventure Park at the Virginia Aquarium near the Virgina Beach oceanfront, try your agility on rope courses of varying difficulty. Cross over bridges made of suspended planks before zip-lining to the next challenge along the trail. Varying courses have different difficulty levels, so challenging climbs can be had by first-timers and “frequent flyers” alike. Even those with a fear of heights will find this to be an enjoyable and safe way to conquer their phobia

A ghost tour might be another harrowing undertaking. Throughout the centuries, the events that transpired in Williamsburg may have left some unresolved energy in the area that has transcended time. The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg Candlelight Tour™ will tell you tales of sorrow and tragedy that keep these lost spirits from passing on. Candlelight will guide you around the dark streets where you may even experience something that simply can’t be explained. Avid ghost hunters can take the Extreme Ghost Tour℠ and use authentic equipment to gather proof of paranormal activity while in the Historic Area. Be sure to look closely at the Peyton Randolph house, where an insidious murder is rumored to have occurred. 

Not only will your heart be racing, but the rest of your body will be as well at Go-Karts Plus. Take your pick of four tracks including the Figure-8, Euro, and Super Stockart tracks. The rookie track is perfect for young drivers who want to take out their own car, or they can ride amusements made for them in Kiddieland. But there’s even more family fun at Go-Karts Plus… Try the Disk “O” ride, bumper cars, or even the blaster boats—they’re equipped with water guns so you can soak your friends and family!

Busch Gardens is a must-see destination for many vacationers in the area. This gorgeous park is themed around six European countries with rides, performances and even food geared to each setting. You can defy gravity on the double-looping Loch Ness Monster roller coaster in Scotland, or take a leisurely boat ride at Italy’s Escape from Pompeii before hurtling down Mt. Vesuvius toward a splash-down landing. Then, catch a show at England’s Globe Theatre where Elmo and Cookie Monster perform in “Elmo Rocks!,” or watch the amazing Irish dancing demonstrated by the cast of Celtic Fyre. In the fall and winter, be sure to visit Howl-O-Scream® or Christmas Town™ for a completely different atmosphere and perspective!

Nearby, Water Country USA offers exciting ways to cool off in the summer. Enjoy the retro vibe of the park on any of its 16 super-soaking rides. Whether you prefer a high-speed slide such as the Nitro Racer or to catch a wave at Surfer’s Bay—Virginia’s largest wave pool—you’re bound to have a wonderful time. Try the newest ride, the Colossal Curl! Board a raft with 2-3 others and swirl around a funnel into enclosed water slide tubes that lead the passengers throughout the park on an action-packed ride.

During your vacation, it may also be nice to take the action down a bit while still having fun. So why not challenge each other to a game of mini golf? With a few different courses in the area, the family can pick the theme they like best. And all of the courses present perplexing obstacles such as water traps and tunnels. It’s a great bonding activity that will be a blast.

Excitement, speed, and bone-chilling experiences await you in the Historic Triangle. Have a great time at these wonderful locations—if you dare!

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