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Branson Area Features

Ballparks of America

Photo Credit: Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau

From across America, youth league baseball players meet in Branson, Missouri every summer to compete at the Ballparks of America complex. Based in and around what was formerly the Factory Merchants Mall (locals called it the Red Roof Mall), the facility was transformed in 2016 to accommodate residential clubhouses and 5 scaled-down replicas of professional baseball stadiums: Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Tiger Stadium in Detroit, Chicago’s Wrigley Field, the former Brooklyn Dodgers’ Ebbets Field, and Boston’s Fenway Park. A Chicago Cubs outfielder even helped to plant the ivy along the wall on the tribute to Wrigley Field!

Once here, the youth league players get ready to play! They are announced like dignitaries as they take the field to compete in tournaments including the Hometown Heroes World Series, the Memorial Day Classic, and the Stars and Stripes Showdown. Each team plays at least 5 games and there are also home run derbies for the big swingers.

After the games, the players can retire to their rooms in the complex where they bunk with their buddies in team suites, watch big screen TVs, and play video games. Meals, laundry facilities, and showers are also provided in the residential clubhouses, so players never have to leave the complex or their teammates after arrival. It’s the ultimate team-building experience and it’s extremely popular. Each year, over 5,000 players come to stay-and-play at Ballparks of America. And games are free to the public if you would like to come by and watch!

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