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Outer Banks Area Features

Vacationing With Your Dog in the Outer Banks

Many of us don’t like to spend time away from our canine family members. They’re always there for us during the good and bad times, and we would like to return the favor by taking them wherever we go. Fortunately, the Outer Banks is a vacation destination that is relatively dog-friendly. Always check local laws and establishment rules before venturing out with your furry friend, but to help you along, here are some of our favorite dog-friendly attractions:

Some of our favorite attractions:

  • The Beach! Year-round, there are numerous oceanfront places you can take your dog. The Outer Banks is remarkably dog-friendly but before you go, research the ordinances for the beach you plan on visiting. Definitely keep your pet safe and on a leash.
  • On the water. Rent a boat through BigWave boat rentals and let “Maverick” feel the salt air in his face.
    Jockey’s Ridge. Dogs are welcome to explore the outdoor areas with their humans. There’s hiking and picnicking for both dogs and owners. Or, take them to the dog park in Kitty Hawk to play with other dogs.
  • Out for a bite to eat. Some places such as Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet and Kill Devil’s Frozen Custard & Beach Fries allow diners to invite their four-legged companions to join them in their outdoor seating areas.
  • Or go for a drink. Most local breweries and vineyards are dog-friendly, and the Bacchus Wine and Cheese shop patio welcomes furry friends to hang out with you. Please use a designated driver to make sure everyone leaves safely.
  • Shopping. “Luna” will love a stop at stores such as the Outer Barks. This boutique store carries merchandise that represents over 200 dog breeds. There’s even a doggie “yappy” hour on Thursdays in the summer! Or, after doggie day-care or a grooming service at Holistic Pet Shop, your well-behaved pooch can be rewarded with their specialty dog treats.

For the safety of your pet, please remember the following:

  • Hot pavement can burn paws. Be mindful about the temperature on which they’re walking.
  • Bring a lot of cool fresh water for your pet to drink. Ocean (salt) water is very dangerous to dogs. It can cause dehydration, vomiting and intestinal pain.
  • Do not EVER leave your animal locked in a vehicle by itself. Even a 70-degree day with the windows cracked can be lethal to an animal (or human!) within minutes.
  • Keep your dog leashed, in your control and be attentive. Please don’t let your dog approach another dog without the owner’s permission. Just because your fur-ball is friendly doesn’t mean the other dog welcomes the company.

We hope this information will help you and your pet have a safe and pawsome time in the Outer Banks of North Carolina!

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