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Outer Banks Area Features

Kill Devil Hills, NC

Welcome to Kill Devil Hills! Previously part of Kitty Hawk, this town and its hilly sand dunes first became incorporated in 1953. Legend has it that pirates once concealed enough strong rum in the natural sand dunes of the region to “kill the devil.” Apparently, the story stuck and the town got its name. There are numerous places in KDH where vacationers can find enjoyable things to do, exciting historic artifacts, and unique ways to spend the day.

Celebrate the Spirit of Flight

The Wright Brothers National Memorial is one of the biggest draws to Kill Devil Hills. Back in 1903 when the brothers made history, the nearby town of Kitty Hawk was credited with the accomplishment. Kill Devil Hills referred to the local sand dunes since the town, as we currently know it, hadn’t become a municipality yet. In present-day Kill Devil Hills, not only is the field marked with the site where Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved their goal of flight, but a replica scene re-creates it perfectly. Plus, the museum is pretty amazing. The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and the history that can be learned from a short visit is both interesting and invaluable.

Find Fun after the Sun Sets

In the evening hours, Kill Devil Hills offers some exciting nightlife activities. “Die laughing” and participate in a classic “Who done it?” case. Enjoy dinner and a show at a murder mystery theater. Follow the clues laid out by the cast in an attempt to solve the puzzle. Or, visit a beach bar for a little late-night mingling. Sip a nightcap while waiting for the food to arrive. Often, establishments such as Peppercorns Restaurant & Lounge will have some live entertainment to keep the party going! Secret Island Restaurant & Entertainment is open until 2am for any night owls on the prowl. The nights will certainly be enjoyable with evening entertainments like these.

Pick Up an OBX Memento

Some seek their own personal comfort in browsing stores for a unique gift for themselves or someone back home. Fortunately, Kill Devil Hills has some cool shops to choose from. Take home OBX branded merchandise such as a bathing suit, hoodie or t-shirt. Perhaps an impulse purchase of a lighthouse replica or a nautical picture frame could easily find its way into your shopping basket. Beach necessities including towels, toys, sunscreen and rafts are also available for purchase throughout the town. Need something for Fido or a box of chocolates to take back to friends and family? You’re in luck! Boutique stores that sell specialty items can be found in KDH. There’s even a drive-through store where beer can be purchased. You’ll want for nothing after a trip to one of these local stores!

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Throughout the Outer Banks, fresh local foods are constantly being turned into culinary delights. And the restaurants that serve these wonderful dishes can be found all along the barrier islands. However, there are a few concepts that are unique to Kill Devil Hills that vacationers may find interesting. Mako’s Beach Grille & Bar has a 300-gallon shark tank! Plus, there are specialty restaurants serving everything you could desire, from BBQ to pizza and frozen custard to fine-dining and seafood on the waterfront. Bon Appetit!

Leave a Message of Hope

If you would like to leave your own mark in the area, you can do so subtly by leaving a note, a poem, or even random personal thoughts in a journal stored in the Little Red Mailbox. Founded by Sue and Eddie Goodrich, the mailbox is located at Glenmere Public Beach Access at MP 8. Through reading the messages or by leaving one, the mailbox is meant to give hope, inspire, and even comfort people in the area. (Visit the Town Hall’s digital archive that records all of the journals and notes for future generations to read and cherish.) Stop by and find serenity by the sea through your own thoughts and writings.

Did You Know?

The small town of Kill Devil Hills, which has merely 6,000 residents, became incorporated in 1953. But where did this town’s strange name come from? Back when pirates sailed the waters, it is believed that they concealed enough strong rum in the region to “kill the devil.” This area was a great location since the sand dunes provided a natural hideaway. Apparently, the legend stuck and the town got its name.

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